Jersey girl,

Heyyyy! I’m Chloe, I'm a huge Philadelphia sports fan. If you are an Eagles fan, you’re in the right place!

If I'm not shooting, you’ll find me strolling in Trader Joe's or searching for my next outfit at Target. I have the world's cutest English American Bulldog, Benji. He's three years-old and a handful! He's my bestie.

I love exploring new downtown areas, visiting new breweries, and shopping at local small businesses. 

born & raised.

The experience + services

My journey with photography started back in the early 2000s when point and shoot cameras were popular. You know, those cameras with those 2-3 inch screens and we used to have them in high school. I took them to school dances and football games. I needed a new camera every year. I always feel the need to document and capture the moment I'm in. I'm the girl who has endless photos from college of all her friends and events. I love sitting back and looking at pictures. 

So, it was then that I was convinced this is where I should be and what has been waiting for me all along. Chloe Dawson Photography was formed in July 2020 and hasn't let up from the gas yet!

I graduated from West Virginia University with my bachelor's degree in Visual Journalism and landed my first job at a newspaper managing social media and photography. I also dabbled in broadcasting journalism as a reporter, but quickly realized I would rather be behind the camera! I attended some large political events and was able to take photos of some pretty famous people! Fast forward several years later and after finishing my master's degree in Strategic Leadership, a friend of mine noticed my love and how my face lights up when I talk about photography. 

The Journalism Days

I see beauty and creativity in all things. Like how plants cascade down a wall, or the lines of a building, or when a genuine smile sneaks its way across someone’s face. And thanks to my journalism background, I find myself approaching my work with that perspective.
I don’t just take pictures. I’m not looking for you to strike the right pose and I just click a button. Nah, I focus on creating the right atmosphere for you to let loose and experience a moment. Then, that’s when the magic happens.

artistic perspective.

I approach life with an

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